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Repair Option

424 Control Valve Seal Replacement

Repair Indicators

  • Oil Leakage
  • HYD Oil leve low
  • Machine Hours
  • Machine Repair History

Features and Benefits

  • Correct Performance Problems
  • Reseal Leaks Prevent Further Damage
  • Use CAT genuine Parts
  • Increase in Productivity

Job Scope

  • Remove and Install required components for Repair
  • Replace all Seals
  • Top up Oil as necessary (Oil to be provided by Customer)
  • Check Operation

Available at Extra Cost

  • Reconditon/ Replace Hoses, valves and cylinders
  • Welding and Machining
  • Replace / Repair any part not covered in the repair specification
  • Oil

Require Tools

  • Service Engineer Tool kit

Repair Parts

Part No. Part Name Qty. Group No. Package Cost Job No. Total Labour Models
1952139 Kit Seal 2 1855903     6 All JRB… & JRC…. Series machines up to JRC02730
3351414 Kit Seal 1 3117960     6 JRC Series 2730 UP
4537478 Kit Seal 1 4154511     6 All JRN…. Series machine

  • Prices valid for 30 days from the date of Quotation. TIPL has the right to change price at any time without any prior notice.
  • Taxes extra as applicable at the time of Invoicing.
  • Job No. includes required parts and standerd labour hrs.