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CAT Hydraulic Excavator 320D2 L

Cat® Excavators are built for performance with increased digging forces, fuel efficiency, enhanced lifting capability, improved controllability and industry-leading cycle times.

The 320D/DL Series 2 incorporates innovations to improve your job site efficiency through low owning and operating costs, excellent performance, and high versatility.

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Cat® Excavators are built for performance with increased digging forces, fuel efficiency, enhanced lifting capability, improved controllability and industry-leading cycle times.

The 320D/DL Series 2 incorporates innovations to improve your job site efficiency through low owning and operating costs, excellent performance, and high versatility.


Net Power - SAE J1349
106.0 kW
105.0 kW
135.0 mm
7.01 L
Engine Power - ISO 14396
112.5 kW
Flywheel Power
106.0 kW
Engine Model
Cat® C7.1

Hydraulic System

Maximum Pressure - Travel
35000.0 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Swing
25000.0 kPa
Pilot System - Maximum Flow
32.4 L/min (1,977 in3/min)
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure
3900.0 kPa
Main System - Maximum Flow (Total)
404.0 L/min
Maximum Pressure - Equipment
35000.0 kPa
Swing System - Maximum Flow
202.0 L/min
Boom Cylinder - Bore
120.0 mm
Boom Cylinder - Stroke
1260.0 mm
Stick Cylinder - Bore
140.0 mm
Stick Cylinder - Stroke
1504.0 mm
B1 Bucket Cylinder - Bore
120.0 mm
B1 Bucket Cylinder - Stroke
1104.0 mm


Operating Weight (ISO 6016): Standard Undercarriage - Minimum Operating Weight
21040.0 kg
Operating Weight - Long Undercarriage
21 680 kg-22 390 kg (47,800 lb-49,360 lb)
Operating Weight - Std. Undercarriage
21 040 kg-21 690 kg (46,390 lb-47,820 lb)
Operating Weight (ISO 6016): Long Undercarriage - Maximum Operating Weight
22390.0 kg
Operating Weight (ISO 6016): Long Undercarriage - Minimum Operating Weight
21680.0 kg
Operating Weight*
22390.0 kg
Operating Weight (ISO 6016): Standard Undercarriage - Maximum Operating Weight
21690.0 kg

Service Fill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
410.0 L
Cooling System
25.0 L
Engine Oil
22.0 L
Final Drive (each)
8.0 L
Hydraulic System (including tank)
260.0 L
Hydraulic Oil
138.0 L
Swing Drive (each)
8.0 L


Maximum Drawbar Pull
205.0 kN
Maximum Travel Speed
5.4 km/h

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque
61.8 kN·m
Swing Speed
10.9 RPM

Enhance your comfort, operation, and visibility. The 320D/D L Series 2 allowa you to focus on your job.

Operator Station

The ergonomically designed operator station is spacious, quiet and comfortable, assuring high productivity during a long work day. All switches are located in front of the operator for convenient access.


The monitor is a full-color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that has the capacity of displaying information in 42 languages .

Joystick Control

Low-effort pilot-operated joystick controls are designed to match your natural wrist and arm position for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.


The suspension seat provides a variety of adjustments to accommodate a wide range of operators. All seats include a recling back, upper and lower seat slide adjustments, to meet operator needs for comfort and productivity.


The right and left joystick console can be adjusted to meet individual preferences, improving operator comfort and productivity during the course of a day.

Climate Control

Positive filtered ventilation with a pressurized cab is standard. Fresh air or re-circulated air can be selected with a switch on the left console.

Cab Structure and Mounts

The cab shell features a thick steel tubing. This improves resistance to fatigue and vibration. The cab is attached to the frame with viscous rubber cab mounts, which dampen vibrations and sound levels while enhancing operator comfort.


To maximize visibility, all glass is affixed directly to the cab, eliminating window frames. The upper front windshield opens, closes and stores on the roof above the operator with a one-touch action release system.


A pwoerful engine with excellent reliability and low fuel consumption delivering more while boosting youjr bottom line.

The Cat C7.1 engine has been designed to meet U.S. EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II and China Tier 2 emission regulations. The engine is powerful, strong and durable to meet all of your application needs. An ECO-mode feature helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 percent for fuel-concious customers. The C7.1 engines incorporate porven, robust components and precision manufacturing you can count on for reliable and eeifcinet operation. This is a proven engine that boasts improved reliability, as it’s less sensitive to low quality fuel and also delivers better fuel consumption

Automatic Engine Speed Control

Automatic engine speed control is activated during no-load or light-load conditions which reduces engine speed to minimize fuel consumption.

Air Cleaner

Radial seal air filters feature a double-layered filter core for more efficient filtration and is located in a ocmpartment behind the cab. A warning is displayed on the monitor when dust accumulates above a preset level.

Filtration System

The C7.1 engine feautres an improved filtration system to ensure good reliability to fuel injection system components. Intervals have been extended and the number of filters reduced to maximize your profit potential.


Efficient hydraulic system with low effort joysticks provides precise control regardless of your application.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system pressure is 35000 kPa (5,076 psi) with 202 L/min (53.36 gal/min) flow from each of the two hydraulic pumps for increased digging performance and producitivity.

Pilot System

An independent pilot pump enables smooth precise control for the front linkage, swing and travel operations.

Component Layout

The 320D/D L Series 2 hydraulic system and component locations have been designed to provide a high level of system efficiency. The main pumps, control valves and hydraulic tank are located close together to allow for shorter tubes and lines between components, which reduce friction loss and pressure drops.

Hydraulic Cross-Sensing System

The hydraulic cross-sensing system utilizes each of to hydraulic pumps to 100 percent of engine power under all operating conditions. This improves productivity with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve

Control circuits are available as attachments to improve versatility. They allow operaion of high- and medium-pressure tools such as shears, grapples, hammers, pulverizers, multi-processors and vibratory plate compactors.

Boom and Stick Regeneration Circuit

Boom and stick regeneration circuits save energy during boom-down and stick-in operation which increases efficiency, reduces cycle times and pressure loss for higher productivity, lower operating costs, and increased fuel efficiency.

Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers

Snubbers are located at the rod-end of the boom cylinders and both ends of the stick cylinders to cushion shocks while reducing sound levels and extending component life.

Hydraulic Activation Control Lever

With the hydraulic activation lever in the natural position all print linkage, swing and travel functions are isolated.

Undercarriage and Structures

Strong and durable, all you expect from Cat excavators.

Carbody Design and Track Roller Frames

The X-shaped, box-section carbody provides excellent resistance to torsional bending. Robot-welded track roller frames are press-formed, pentagonal units to deliver exceptional strength and service life.

Main Frame

The upper frame is designed using inverse “T” shape beams made out of high-tensile-strength steel providing excellent durability whatever your application. The 320D/D L Series 2 incorporates a one-piece upper frame table which improves strength and reliabiltiy. Both the boom tower and the main frame are constructed of solid plates and the areas adjacent to the boom foot are reinforced, adding to overall durability

Lower Structure

The 320D/D L Series 2 carbody features a box section “X” structure which is designed with the carbody welded close to the ends of the track roller frame. As a result, overall rigidity is high and resistance to torsional rigidity between the track roller frames and the carbody is also high. The standard undercarriage is well suited for applications that require frequent repositioning of the machine, restricted work space, or uneven rocky terrain. The long (L) undercarraige maximizes stability and lift capacity. This long, wide and sturdy undercarriage offers a very stable work platform.

Rollers and Idlers

Sealed and lubricated track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers provide excellent service life to keep your machine in the field and working longer.


The 320D/D L Series 2 uses a grease-lubricated type track link with grease being sealed between the pin and the bushing. These seals deliver longer wear life by preventing dirt and debris from entering into the space between the pin and the bushing. The master link incorporates a split type pin which helps make routine service and maintenance quick and easy.

Front Linkage

Reliable, durable and versatile to meet all your application needs.

Cat front linkages are designed for maximum versality, productivity and high efficiency whatever the application.

Heavy Duty Front Linkage

The 5.7 m (18’8″) heavy duty (HD) reach boom is reinforced to be used in the severest applications abd provide maximum digging capability. They are made of high-tensile-strength steel using a large box-section design with interior baffle plates and an additional bottom guard for long life and durability. The HD reach boom has two stick options available to meet all your application requirements. The 2.9 m (9’6″) heavy duty (HD) stick is most versatile option and very good for for truck loading and trenching applications where you need additional working range. The 2.5 m(8’2″) heavey duty (HD) stick is ideally suited to applications requiring larger bucket sizes. it maximizes digging forces and enables you to get your jobs completed faster.

Mass Boom Front Linkage

The mass excavation (ME) front linkage is designed to maximize machine performance through superior digging forces and a larger bucket capacity. The 5.2 m(17’1″) mass excavation boom is reinforced with a geometry designed to maximize machine productivity. It also incorporates a large cross-section and internal baffle plates for long life and durability. the 2.4 m (7’11”) mass excavation stick was designed mainly for large earth moving and is made of high-tensile-strength steel in a box-section to make it strong and durable.

Service and Maintenance

Simplefied service and maintenance features save you time and money.

Ground-Level Service

The design and layout of the 320D/D L Series 2 was made with the service technician in mind. Most service locations and are easily accessible at ground level to allow service and maintenance to get completed quickly and efficiently.

Air Filter Compartment

The air filter feature a double-element construction for superior cleaning efficiency. When the air filter plugs, a warning is displayed on the cab monitor. Maintenance free batteries are standard along with a battery disconnect switch.

Pump Compartment

A service on the right side of the upper structure allows ground-level access to the hydraulic pumps, hydraulic filters, engine oil filter, and fuel filters

Radiator Compartment

The left rear service door allows easy access to the engine radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, air-to-air aftercooler, and AC condenser. A reserve tank and drain cock are attached to the radiator for ground level maintenance.

Greasing Points

A concentrated remote greasing block on the boom allows the greasing of hard-to-reach locations. A remote mounted greasing point on the swing bearing allows ease of service.

Fan Guard

The engine radiator fan is enclosed by a steel guard that provides maximum protection when carrying out routine service and maintenance.

Anti-Skid Plate

Anti-skid platting covers the entire upper structure and storage box to prevent slipping during maintenance. Safety is further enhanced with the addition of countersunk bolts to reduce trip hazards.

Diagnostics And Monitoring

The 320D/D L Series 2 is equipped with Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOSSM) ports for the hydraulic system, engine oil and coolant. Standard hydraulic test ports enable a service technician to quickly and easily fault find in the event. of service issue.

Complete Customer Support

Cat dealer services offer a wide range of personalized solutions.

Product Support

Cat dealers utilize a worldwide c omputer network to fin in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. You can also save money with our line of remanufactured components.

Machine Selection

TIPL can provide specific recommendations with detailed comaprisons of the Cat machines you are considering before you buy. This ensures you get the right size machine and appropriate work tools to meet all of your application needs.

Maintenance Services

Repair option progrmas guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Condition monitoring services and diagnostic programs such as scheduled oil sampling, coolant sampling and technical analysis help you avoid unscheduled repairs.

Customer Support Agreements

TIPL offers a variety of product support agreements which can be tailored to meet specific needs. These plans can cover the entire machine – including attachments – to help protect your investment.


Repair, rebuild or replace? TIPL can help you evaluate the costs involved so you can make the right choice.

Work Tools

Dig, hammer, rip and cut with confidence.

Each Cat work tool is designed to optimize the versatility and performance of your machine. An extensive range of buckets, compactors, grapples, multi-processors, rippers, cruchers, pulverisers, hammers and shears is available for your 320D/D L Series 2.


Cat buckets and Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed and matched to the machine to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency

Utility Buckets (UD)

These buckets are for digging in low-impact, low-abrasive material such as dirt, loam, gravel and clay.

General Duty Buckets (GD)

These buckets are designed for digging in low-impact, moderately abraisive materials such as dirt, loam, gravel and clay.

Heavy Duty Buckets (HD)

HD buckets are a good starting point when application conditions vary. Especially when conditions include mixed dirt, clay, sand and gravel.

Severe Duty Buckets (SD)

These buckets are best suited to highly abrasive applications such as shot rock, sand stone and granite.

Extreme Duty Buckets (XD)

These buckets are for very high abrasion conditions including high quartzite granite. Example: Digging conditions where tip life is less than or equal to 200 hours with Extra Duty tips.


Quick couplers allow one person to change owrk tools in seconds for maximum performance and flexibility on a job site. One machine can rapidly from task to task, and a fleet of similary equipped machines can share a common work tool inventory.

Center-Locktm Pin Grabber Coupler

Center-Lock is the pin grabber style coupler and features a patent-pending locking system. A highly visible secondary lock clearly shows the operator when the coupler is engaged or disengaged from the bucket or work tool.

E-Series Hammers

E-Series hammers bring together customer expectations of performance, quality and serviceability along with Caterpillar manufacturing and logistics experience. E series hammers are quiet and noise suppression is valuable in urban and restricted work areas.

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