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Asset & Fleet Management Solutions

Trimble and Cat Asset and Fleet Management Solutions integrate GPS technology, wireless data communication and internet connectivity to link assets, jobsites and maps in real time into a comprehensive view. Contractors can see the status of each piece of equipment ON and OFF of their construction sites—live in the office—to monitor system events, diagnostic codes, other machine health indicators and to report equipment cycle times, maintenance status, productivity, utilization, run time hours and idle-time hours. These solutions enable contractors to maximize and optimize their equipment fleet and improve their operations by lowering costs, improving project efficiency and reducing project risk. With the help of Trimble Construction Manager, Trimble hardware and monthly service plan that best suits your requirements for managing all of your machines, mobile and portable assets.

Trimble Construction Manager supplies quantitative information that you can use on a daily basis to analyze and improve your asset productivity and overall operations, saving you time and ultimately, money, simply by eliminating unnecessary project costs.

Trimble Construction Manager helps to improve the construction bottom line with the followings:

Trimble and Cat Asset and Fleet Management Solutions can ensure the safety & security of the investment in millions of dollars on construction equipment. It ensures the job productivity, which leads to projects profitability and improve decision makings.