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Machine Control System

Trimble® and Cat® Machine Control Systems are the most advanced grading technologies available. Leveraging design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab, operators can grade more accurately, reduce material overages and significantly improve productivity. Real-time, two-way wireless data creates a "live" link between the machines and office. Up-to-date design information is sent to the cab, eliminating travel time and reducing errors associated with using incorrect or out-of-date models. Additionally, equipment managers can retrieve as-graded and compaction data from the machines to monitor site production volumes and compaction performance.

Trimble® and Caterpillar® have co-developed the most robust portfolio of machine control and guidance systems in the industry. These systems leverage our shared expertise in machine control and guidance technologies, Trimble’s expertise in data management, software, positioning and jobsite infrastructure and Caterpillar’s expertise in heavy equipment in the construction industry. Cat AccuGrade™ and Trimble Grade Control Systems have been designed to be fully compatible at the site level—utilizing the same data structure and format, the same user interface in cab and in the office and the same GNSS and Total Station based site infrastructure.

Trimble Ready

Trimble® has worked with all leading machine manufacturers to reduce system installation time and effort of Trimble machine control technology onto the machine. Trimble Ready™ machines come pre-plumbed and with brackets for the Trimble components. Today, a number of machine manufacturers have Trimble Ready solutions for easy installation and cross-machine type and brand portability, allowing for a maximized utilization of the technology across your fleet as well as maximizing return on the investment. Ask local machine manufacturer dealer if the Trimble Ready option is available for a new machine.

CAT AccuGrade

Caterpillar is the first and only heavy equipment manufacturer with a Machine Control and Guidance Solution that is integrated throughout the product line. The Cat AccuGrade system has been designed in conjunction with the Cat machines’ electro-hydraulic systems for maximum performance and response on a Cat machine. Many Cat machines are Grade Control Ready as standard, which simplifies system installation and optimizes reliability. Caterpillar and Cat dealers have partnerships with Trimble’s SITECH dealerships to provide site wide construction technology for a breadth of jobsite needs, both in the office and in the field. Work with your local Cat and SITECH dealerships to ensure your Cat machine is leveraging machine control technology.

2D Machine Control system

Trimble and Cat 2D Machine Control Systems are fully scalable and can be configured just about for any machine. They are ideal for smaller projects from initial site prep through to the finished grading and paving, and leverage a range of fully portable components. All components are easy to move from machine-to machine, easy to use, quick to set up and extremely durable to ensure the highest uptime and longest life possible in jobsite conditions. Additionally these systems can be operated in manual or auto mode; in auto mode the blade is automatically moved to the correct position.

3D Machine control Systems

Trimble and Cat 3D Machine Control Systems are the most versatile grading technologies available and can be used on a wide range of machine types including excavators, dozers, motor graders, compactors, milling machines, trimmers, pavers and more. By putting design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab, the system gives operators unprecedented control over grading, excavating, compaction and paving applications, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving productivity and profitability. The 3D systems can be operated in manual or auto mode and leverage a range of components that are fully portable and can be easily moved from machine to machine.

Fully Scalable

Only our machine control is flexible enough to let you equip your entire fleet—excavators, dozers, scrapers, graders, trimmers, milling machines, compactors, pavers and more—with fully upgradeable technology. Start where you need to start and add as you need to add. Sonic, angle sensors, laser, GNSS, total station ... select the best option for the machine and application.