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Site Positioning System

Developed specifically for the needs of heavy and highway contractors, Trimble Site Positioning Systems simplify site operations, increase efficiency in the field and minimize downtime at every stage of the project. The Trimble Connected Site leverages real-time, two-way data flow between the office and field. Field crews and supervisors can eliminate trips back to the office to retrieve the latest design and work order data, and to report back field measurement results—streamlining the process, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Before the first machine can start earthmoving operations, there is considerable planning and design work to be done. Digital data seamlessly connects the design engineer, data manager, supervisor, machine operator, and grade checker into an integrated workflow. The same digital information created for the site design, project planning can be used for machine control to ensure accurate grading and for site positioning during and after project completion. Trimble offers a suite of office software products that provide a wide range of capabilities facilitating job functions from planning and bidding to complete project productivity analysis. The data flow between suite components is enhanced by the fact that all the components of the solution come from a single source and single manufacturer.

The productivity of Trimble and Cat machine control systems can be optimized by using Trimble Site Positioning Systems and powerful Trimble construction software. Together, they achieve the next level in construction productivity—Trimble Connected Site solutions. Using streamlined workflows and wireless data transfer, design updates and progress reports can flow between field and office in real time, maximizing machine and personnel productivity. Trimble Site Positioning Systems give contractors the flexibility to complete any task and the ability to reduce downtime by quickly resolving problems on site. Use them for:


The Trimble GNSS Smart Antennas are the simple solution for site measurement and stakeout applications. These high accuracy smart antennas track positioning information from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite constellations. The Trimble GNSS Smart Antennas can be used as either a rover for site measurement and stakeout, or as a base station for site measurement and machine control operations.

Total Stations – Total Productivity

Trimble offers a full range of high accuracy total stations. The robotic Universal Total Stations come equipped with the industry’s fastest servos, ensuring accurate high speed tracking of the target, making them ideal for machine control and site positioning. They include 3Hz scanning capabilities for the rapid scanning of surfaces such as deep cuts, rock faces and stockpiles in dangerous or inaccessible locations.

Construction Field Software

The Trimble Site Controller Software is designed for site, highway, landfill, waste disposal and mining applications, and runs on Trimble handheld controllers, including the Trimble Tablet. The software simplifies operations, increases your efficiency in the field and minimizes downtime. You can perform initial site measurement and verification, topo site or material stockpiles and compute volumes, stake out points and carry out as-built site measurements.

Data Management

Trimble Business Center – Heavy Construction Edition (HCE) allows different contractor professionals to work with the same design information and data standards. Estimators use Trimble Business Center – HCE for take-off. Data managers use it to automatically transfer data between the office and the supervisors, crews and machine operators in the field.

Better Data – Better Flow

Preparation and management of data for multiple heavy and highway construction projects is easy with Trimble Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition. And with Trimble Connected Site solutions, you automatically get updated design data to the field now— not later today, tomorrow or next week.

The productivity of Trimble machine control systems can be optimized by using Trimble Site Positioning Systems and powerful Trimble construction software. Together, they achieve the next level in construction productivity — Trimble Connected Site solutions.

The Right Tools to do the Job Right.

Trimble Site Positioning Systems give contractors targeted tools for every person on the jobsite; work at every stage is performed faster, with fewer errors and less material costs. From the field, truck, or office, any person on the construction site can be connected and equipped with accurate positioning, consistent digital design information and the ability to locate, measure and record information. Contractors can share information, track results instantly, make smarter decisions, and manage multiple jobsites with ease.