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Comprehensive Site-Wide Construction Technology Systems
Developed specifically for the needs of heavy and highway contractors, Trimble Site Positioning Systems simplify site operations, increase efficiency in the field and minimize downtime at every stage of the project. The Trimble Connected Site leverages real-time, two-way data flow between the office and field. Field crews and supervisors can eliminate trips back to the office to retrieve the latest design and work order data, and to report back field measurement results—streamlining the process, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
Trimble® and Cat® Machine Control Systems are the most advanced grading technologies available. Leveraging design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab, operators can grade more accurately, reduce material overages and significantly improve productivity. Real-time, two-way wireless data creates a "live" link between the machines and office. Up-to-date design information is sent to the cab, eliminating travel time and reducing errors associated with using incorrect or out-of-date models. Additionally, equipment managers can retrieve as-graded and compaction data from the machines to monitor site production volumes and compaction performance.
Trimble and Cat Asset and Fleet Management Solutions integrate GPS technology, wireless data communication and internet connectivity to link assets, jobsites and maps in real time into a comprehensive view. Contractors can see the status of each piece of equipment ON and OFF of their construction sites—live in the office—to monitor system events, diagnostic codes, other machine health indicators and to report equipment cycle times, maintenance status, productivity, utilization, run time hours and idle-time hours. These solutions enable contractors to maximize and optimize their equipment fleet and improve their operations by lowering costs, improving project efficiency and reducing project risk. With the help of Trimble Construction Manager, Trimble hardware and monthly service plan that best suits your requirements for managing all of your machines, mobile and portable assets.
As the information management backbone of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio of construction solutions, the Trimble Connected Community allows contractors to build information portals, share information and collaborate between head office management, site office teams, field crews, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, clients and partners on a project. All connected site data for site positioning, machine control and asset management is available in one secure, web-enabled tool. And, with real-time internet connectivity supervisors can use the Trimble Tablet in the field to access the Trimble Connected Community to create unprecedented efficiencies on the jobsite.
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